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Post by Inferno on Fri May 09, 2008 10:47 pm

Well, instead of getting a laptop, I am currently getting the desktop. It would run much faster and more slots I guess. So there will be 2 Alternative Slots if I confirmed that the save/load system does not crash. Its a gamble but Im willing to add TWO more people.

Slots [Regular]
1. Franco T. Me [GM]
2. Patrick A.
3. Leon C.
4. Alice T.
5. Taffy H.
6. Brendan A.
7. Tracy T.
8. Unknown - Request a slot by talking to me!

Alterative Slots
1. Unknown
2. Unknown

Server time will be like this everyday since I got skewl.
Weekdays: After School 3pm - 9pm. Only 6? Why.. eh.
Weekends: Random 8-9am - 10pm. Even Betta.

Rates are confirmed by me cause no one said anything.
Experince Rate: 50x
Drop Rate: 100x
Mesos Rate: 500x

No one need Mesos anyways. Lols

I will discuss scrolls next time Very Happy.

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